Use Which In A Sentence

Which way did the sailor say they were sailing?

Which one did Jonathan decide on?
These states were losing ground to Britain and France, which during the 18th century outpaced all European rivals and fought for hegemony in North America and India.
The university, which is located on 140 acres in the northeast section of Washington, D. C.
Apart from its parish structure, the principal achievement of U.S. Catholicism has been its school system, which is the largest private educational system in the world.
The university maintains two medieval churches and a 17th century library, which contains collections of rare books and manuscripts.
Wooden safety matches are struck on the side of the box in which they are contained.
Consequently, safes should be used for the purpose for which they are designed.
The fixed position of the verb at the head of the sentence, which is not obligatory in any other Indo-European language, is likewise found in Berber, Egyptian, and Semitic.
Sometimes the basic money safe is enclosed in a reinforced-concrete block that has a steel cladding, which discourages removal of the safe by burglars and greatly increases the safe’s resistance to drills, sledges, explosives, and metal-cutting torches.
Des Moines river join near Humboldt, Iowa, to form the main stream, which empties into the Mississippi River near Keokuk in the southeastern corner of Iowa.
He also wrote essays and short stories, which appeared in popular magazines and literary quarterlies.
This town is also known as Devilkiller, which is the hoary name of this desolate area.
The city is built around the state capitol building, which is situated on a sloping terrace in a park containing trees and plants from all over the world.

We saw how to do a design of sequential circuit with multiplexers as the combinational logic which is used to drive the flip-flops.

The X in Xmas stands for the Greek letter chi, which is the first letter of Christ when written in Greek.

In Jewish history, a jubilee was a year during which Hebrew slaves were to be freed and the land left uncultivated. The word comes from a Hebrew word for a ram’s horn or trumpet with which the beginning of a jubilee was announced.

The language of the Basques, which is apparently unrelated to any other language.

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