Use Two In A Sentence

The university maintains two medieval churches and a 17th century library, which contains collections of rare books and manuscripts.

Another protective measure is the use of a relocking mechanism that automatically throws two or three emergency bolts into action when the lock of a safe is jarred by cutting tools or explosives.
Committee consists of six to ten members who serve a two years term and the Mayor serves as an ex officio member.

The two main kinds of safes are the money safe and the record safe.

The two cities are quite dissimilar.

Coronation with the double crown—the white miter of Upper Egypt combined with the red crown of Lower Egypt—symbolized the king as uniter of the Two Lands.
A voltage of 230 volts is obtained between the two ungrounded conductors.
In addition to general-purpose circuits, two 115-volt, 20-ampere appliance branch circuits are required.
The importance of Coulomb’s law goes far beyond this simple case of two point charges.
Typically, a capacitor has two parallel plates, or electrodes, on which excess charge can be placed.
The two plates, which are often placed closely together, are separated by air or some other insulator.
External to the battery, the potential difference between the two ends of the conductor provides the electric force that pushes the charges along.
Six international and two domestic airlines serve the city.
His reign is estimated to have lasted two to three years.
There are five broad classes of accounts, two of which debit to increase and three of which credit to increase.
The two most important accounting statements are the balance sheet and the income statement.
The jaws of the whale closed and cut the boat into two pieces.
Ordinarily in a two-wire system the ungrounded conductor is black.
Abimelech, was the name of two figures in the Old Testament.

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