Use Have been In A Sentence

Examples of Have been in a sentence

*** In the northern reaches, politics and government have been more simply organized along the lines that have led some observers to cali the groups “tribes without rulers.”

***Our system shows you have been awarded with £€$500 casino funds.

***Some of the most voluminous encyclopedias have been the product of German industriousness.

***A bridge here was said to have been one of the first built in Canada west of the Great Lakes.

***I have been thinking about this problem all night long.

***These rates probably have been changing more rapidly during this century than at any other time in the past.

***The basic adaptions to nature and the supernatural have been discovered by past generations and are stored in the accumulated culture inherited by each generation.

***The behavorial aspects of the arts have been inadequately reported.

***As yet, no outside influences have been discovered, and the style is clearly African.

***Further, clothing and architectural styles have been influenced by Islamic, particularly North African, forms.

***They may have been part of the paraphernalia used in the initiation of boys into adulthood, as were the Poro masks of West Africa or the masks of the Bayaka and Bapende of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

***Masks may have been associated with funerary practices or with leadership, or they may have played a part in the structure of government, as in the higher grades of the Poro society.

***Copper is known to have been in use since the 9th century a.d.

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